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It’s quite possible that we were the first ones to ever refer to this product by this name. Many years ago, Harmony Sand & Gravel created a custom blend to satisfy the needs of an engineering firm in Hunterdon County.

Today there are a few contractors that screen gravel direct out of the bank and sell it by the yard (estimated). We could do the exact same thing. But the problem is there is no way to control the quality since the constituent particles sizes vary constantly in the face of the gravel deposit.

The only way to have control is to process the material through a wet wash system, separate the material and classify with the exact specification for the individual job requirements. This is the way Harmony Sand & Gravel continue to do it and that is why we can guarantee our product to meet specification.
Today, select fill is used on most septic system installations and provides just the right amount of percolation. Since there is no one specification to meet the needs of all septic systems, we custom blend our product. This allows us to meet the exact requirements of the individual situation, pursuant to the specifications that local Townships engineer provides. Daily testing is performed by our laboratory and these results are confirmed by an independent, outside testing laboratory on a frequent basis. The customer is provided with a copy of the laboratory certification.

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