Round Stone

North Jersey’s leading aggregate producer and supplier of Delaware River Stone. In addition to construction and roofing aggregates, Harmony is a widely recognized source of landscape material, selling both to wholesale and retail accounts since 1952.

Manufacturers of Delaware River Round Landscape Stone in all the popular sizes from 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 2 x 5 inch, 4 x 8 inch, 6 x 20 inch, cobble stones and various sizes of boulders.

  • 3quarterRound
    3/4 inch
  • 1inchRound
    1 inch
  • 1andhalf
    1 1/2 inch

Our Delaware River Stone is neutral in color and blends into any landscape architect’s color scheme with gentle color tones that make a subtle statement. This stone has been used up and down the East Coast and is widely used on many sites including fast food restaurants, industrial parks, developments, golf courses and municipal work. Our quality product is even found in such places as Liberty Island, near the Statue of Liberty, The Vietnam Memorial in New Jersey and on corporate sites such as Johnson & Johnson’s Somerville, New Jersey facility.

Harmony supplies specialty Landscape aggregate including:

Select fill – special blends to meet the most exacting requirements for septic systems, elevated sand mounds, etc. We also provide approved drainage stone.

Hand Split River Rock – building stone for home fireplaces, chimneys, facades and masonry stone walls.

Rip-Rap – for drainage gutters, channels, bank revetments, rock gardens, dikes, general landscaping.

Boulders – for general landscaping and large scale projects such as Theme Parks, for use as safety barriers and to mark driveway entrances.

Clean Fill – tested and certified clean fill for D.E.P. projects N.J. D.O.T Spec. 1-3 and 1-9.

D.O.T. and ASTM approved Concrete Sand, Mason Sand and Quarry Process Stone – for roads beds, crushed and washed 3/8 inch, clean 3/4 inch, for the construction industry, round roofing stone, winter anti-skid Grits.

Exposed aggregate – for use in pre-cast concrete walls.

¼ inch “grits” – This widely used as an anti skid abrasive material during the winter months by many townships and municipalities. Generally, it is blended with rock salt for that purpose, by the various purchasers to their own specifications.
Concrete block manufactures use these Grits to make a stronger block and reduce cement content. It is used to manufacture concrete pavers; concrete burial vaults; and lawn ornaments. French drains are another application as well as being used in bituminous concrete for tennis court mixes.
The product also is in great demand by golf courses for use as a drainage media under their golf greens