In Perfect Harmony with Nature and Ecology

Alluvial gravel is deposited in random areas of farmland, one area of a given farm may contain a deep deposit and in other areas of the same farm there may be no gravel whatsoever.

Wherever we extract our gravel products, we have a standing policy to never sell or remove from the site, native top soil for any reason. This material is exclusively used in our effort to reclaim the land for agriculture on an ongoing basis.

Our farms are rented to local farmers and produce a variety of crops on an annual basis. When the gravel extraction is completed and the area is fully restored, there will be green fields, with some ponds, with gently sloping banks that will be suitable for various recreational purposes, thus preserving the agricultural way of life.

Every effort is made to be a good, responsible neighbor and to serve as a model to local business, in perfect harmony with nature, ecology and the citizens of the community.

Richard Hummer, Jr


“Gravel Gertie”

Pictures above is a piece of recently purchased, highly specialized equipment developed for sub-aqueous surface mining. This “drag line” is equipped with a 10 cubic yard capacity bucket and this entire machine is one of only fix existing in the eastern half of this country. First developed for logging industry, it was later modified by substituting a bucket to clear the wide rivers that were clogged by the Mt. St. Helens eruption. It is proving to be an ideal tool to extract gravel from below the water. It has a capacity to remove thousands of tons of valuable material per day. When most of the gravel is depleted from this deposit, the banks will be re-sloped, top soiled and seeded, this finished pond will serve as an enhancement to the property, it will be stocked with fish and can be used for recreation in the future. Gravel extraction can be done in complete HARMONY with the natural surroundings, providing that the needs of modern day man can be met without damage to nature, the environment or reducing the quality of life for the community. We are justly proud of what we do, the people we employ and the customers that we serve.